Thursday, August 11, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Ypothesi

These two people have known each other almost two decades. Several times a year they run into each other at events. When you both are in certain stations in society, and are meeting frequently, you are drawn to each other. One is a permanent A list celebrity who has been in the news a bit for bad things the past month. Almost everyone in the world knows who he is. Three decades ago, everyone knew the other party. She was literally everywhere in every magazine around the world. She was even given a title of sorts. 

Their relationship, so to speak was platonic for most of the two decades. There is a hug age gap and there is also the fact that for many of the years they have known each other she was married and he has always been married. Over the past few years though, things changed. He is still married, but she is divorced. Just before COVID there was an event and they happened to be stuck there together for several days when no transportation could be arranged. They ended up hooking up and for the past three years have taken advantage of every opportunity to do so. Her security team is one of the tightest and strongest in the world and no one is penetrating it to get a photo. Combine that with her wealth and his wanting/needing to keep his cheating hidden from his fans, they have done a remarkable job. Apparently though, one of his offspring is not happy with the relationship and has been telling her friends and it is now spreading like wildfire in their little community and it won't be long before it hits the rest of the world.

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