Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Rescuer

Yes, if there was one more s it would be the name of a classic Disney cartoon. The difference is those cartoon characters actually rescued someone and our rescuer just likes to tell a tall tale while also hiding his terrible misdeeds. I always get suspicious when a celebrity, especially one who was A or A- list at the time the story happened, has no independent confirmation or someone, even a flunky or employee who was with him when it happened. Instead, it is some fake story generated by publicists to give the celebrity something to discuss in interviews for a few years.

This celebrity only got to use the story for a year before everyone suspected he wasn't the noble person he led the world to believe. He likes to say he stopped human trafficking in its tracks and will give you the location of the country where he did it, but no one was there to see it. What people did see in that country was the celebrity engaging in the hiring of escorts for himself multiple times each day while he was in the country. There is proof about him bragging to friends in disbelief about how cheap the escorts were and how young they were and how he couldn't get enough and he could do whatever he wanted. I suspect that if he did save any, that they were a sex he didn't prefer, so sent them back without using them and that was his contribution to halting sex trafficking.

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