Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Today's Blind Items - Jack Pearl

Back in the day, Jack Pearl became famous for his casting couch porn videos of young Asian women. Now, the person using his name has women convinced it must be Jack Sparrow who is going to shoot their porn videos. The women are convinced of it because the person making the arrangements says how famous he is and that he has been in movies and television and is known around the world. The women think Jack Pearl has something to do with Jack Sparrow. They are told they need to keep everything quiet and this is a big deal. He then sets up a time and place to meet them in NYC. He also low balls them because they think they are going to have sex with Jack Sparrow. He never says they will, but never corrects their incorrect impression. They show up at the hotel and are met by a middle aged guy who looks nothing like Jack Sparrow. They think the man is perhaps a cameraman or assistant or something like that. He takes a photo of their i.d., has them sign a release, and then tells them to go into the bedroom and change into the outfit on the bed for them. He says all their questions will be answered soon. When they go into the bedroom, there are cameras in every possible position. Then, our middle aged man comes in and sits down and starts asking them questions. The women keep wondering when Jack Sparrow is going to come and be with them. He never will be. The middle aged man finally asks if they are ready for the sex part of the interview. Most try and leave. he pressures them with all the finesse of a guy selling timeshares and usually manages to get them all to give in. 

He then pays them and sends them on their merry way. A few days later, the video is sent to a group of very high profile business executives and politicians who love watching the negotiations take place on camera. The fact that the person doing the convincing is a former politician and "one of them" makes it even better. The former politician who all of you know, charges each subscriber $1000 per video and he has well over 100 subscribers. Meanwhile he pays the women about $1000 total.

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