Friday, December 09, 2022

Blind Item #6 - Reader Blind

A source close to the one who was murdered, with fingers in several other exciting pies, chuckled upon reading your blind about him. She sends a message: "Whoever dropped this load of shit on you was making a massive assumption that he was stable enough! His immigration lawyer was looking for tangible reasons that he 'needed' to stay in the country, and they pulled out every stop they could think of. I can only imagine that this story came from one of those instances -- they spread around that he was up for a teaching gig at NYU that was never actually on the cards, and if you squint at that, you can imagine it might have put him around the Association if he knew to seek them out. The whole teaching thing is covered in those files that got pried from the government ages ago; the Feds actually bought it and tried to find further info. To be fair, one hand rarely knows what the other is doing in those circles, but if Central Intelligence actually thought he'd be a useful asset, they were as crazy as he was."

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