Thursday, December 08, 2022

Today's Blind Items - He Finally Stopped

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I'm calling this he finally stopped, but it is only she thinks he has, when he has not. He just goes about things a little differently. Is he talented? Yes. A list? At what he does, he might even be permanently A+ list. Jerk? Is there something higher on the list than A+ list when it comes to being a jerk, because he is going to be right there. He would only marry his lesser on the list wife after she had sex with several men, one at a time, and documented it via video which he holds on to. In addition, she was responsible for finding women to orally service her husband and had to be in the room and watch so they could not make any claims something happened that didn't. She had to do that once a week for two years before he finally would allow her to get pregnant. She just wanted to get pregnant for the financial security. Now she has it. She also thinks she is done having to watch because she thinks he doesn't care any longer. He does. He just has someone new to replace her with sometime next year.

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