Wednesday, December 07, 2022

Today's Blind Items - Revelations

In the wake of the Balenciaga firestorm, it seems like the internet is turning its attention to this foreign band who is permanently A+/A list. They definitely did a lot of things that no one could get away with no imagery wise or in person. One of the most crazy things that happened though, was long after the band split. It concerned the member who was murdered. The government hated him and went out of their way to make his life as hard as possible. Everyone knew the government hated him. So, how come, despite plenty of reasons to do so, why was he never deported. Publicly, the government said it was going to do it. Behind the scenes was an entirely different story. In the very early 70's, this band member was actively working with the National Student Association. There was even a plan for him to go on tour to various cities with members of the group, to raise "awareness" along the way. It was designed to spy on the students who would be trouble to the government and the student association was a great cover. This association was funded entirely by the CIA and they wanted the band member firmly in this country to help with the spying on of students. 

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