Friday, January 27, 2023

Four For Friday - Bad Band Behavior

 #1 - The lead singer of this one hit wonder song about sex, used to grope and sexually harass any woman who came backstage and would do this until he found one wasted enough to hook up with. He preferred when they passed out during sex.

#2 - This former A+ list singer has made quite the comeback in the past year and is back to A list. When she was first hitting it big her favorite thing to do was do lines of coke while using the bathroom. She used the bathroom a lot because of all the laxatives she took.

#3 - This A- list singer had his sister to thank for his career. She would sleep with guys for money and then give the money to her brother. After he hit it big, he refused to help his sister when she turned to drugs and she died on the streets.

#4 - These brothers were the core of an A list group. They often had threesomes together with a female groupie. Apparently, the two brothers enjoyed crossing swords with each otther.

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