Thursday, January 26, 2023

Today's Blind Items - Grifter

If you ask the question around town about the person you should never give or loan money to, one of the most popular answers is going to be this singer/multiple reality star(including network reality). He is fast running out of people to scam, but it took a long time to reach that point. Everyone was afraid to say no to him because he would then use his massive social media platforms and call out the person who wouldn't help and then the fan base would descend on the person not willing to help. 

Eventually the sheer volume of people overwhelmed even the reality star and he had to back down under waves of pressure and accusations and, if not for a couple of A+/A listers, his career would have been done. Stealing money and sexual assault, not to mention discrimination and sexual harassment are usually things that would bring down someone who is not A list. In his case though, he had information he could use against the people trying to help him, which is why they did. It is why instead of being canceled he has been given a very high paying second chance. He hasn't learned any of his lessons though and is doing the same thing he did before, confident the A listers will bail him out once again. Or, he might end up dead. He thinks he is safe and protected. He should think again.

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