Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Today's Blind Items - The Soul Sucker

I left this in the words of the tipster because it is her experience. I changed some descriptions to make it all a blind item.

He was my favorite actor. Now he makes my skin crawl.

Connecting dots, I scoured too much info opening me up to the industry and this man in a sick, sad way. I regret my decisions born of pain, ever supporting such a vile creature. 

Decades ago our A+ list, mostly movie actor was one of La La Land's highest earners. Under his surface gleam, there was a crusty grime, but he was constantly propped up by nostalgia. Fast forward to a few years ago, actor's awash in scandal, high and dry. Though signs pointed to his guilt, he survived. The more I knew about this abyss, the less I wanted to. High time to say: Hollywood was never the cool club, it's a snake pit.

Last year, I snapped. Posted incriminating and angry deep dive about him I'd been culminating for ages. It was purely driven by mania at the time. Never meant malice in it. Patient zero. Couple days pass, the thing racks up views. Actor, in his failed renaissance era, tosses his two cents about a current event… funny how nobody expected him to open his mouth. When the infection spread, his majestic finale was retirement! Why did he kill his career? I took everything down within a couple weeks, in complete disbelief.

Once recovered from that mental fatigue, I kept bringing up his behavior. There was a chance for exposure. Didn't have power or authority myself, but I could coax someone out who did, right? The universe was pointing towards him being outed. It never prospered. Instead psychological warfare often encircled me. 

I've combed details over and over. Came to a the conclusion he's a stalker. I'll never know how deep that rabbit hole goes, may have been before the retirement. Actor allegedly fights with detractors, interacts with, poses as fans, contacts, abuses and harasses women using burner accounts. I think of every message I've sent, every page I've viewed, every brutal coincidence, and shudder to think where he is, in all that noise. Even as I leave, it will haunt me for years to come. He is, no exaggeration, a soul sucker. Hope he gets his just desserts one day. 

The vastness laughs. Under these circumstances it's impossible to diverge the artist from art when he's smeared his work with other's blood. Far beyond disappointment, fear and loathing. A legacy swallowed by a lecherous creep in a black leather jacket.

First and foremost he seems to derive sick thrill from his acts of sadism. He possesses a deeply oedipal hatred of the opposite sex. Treats anyone who isn't useful to him lower than dirt. F**king crazy. He was a poorie who worked his way up, so he perpetuated the cycle of abuse twice as hard. To get his way he tears people down. He's not dumb at all, or his PR isn't, and the allegations I stumbled upon that he's internet savvy only solidify it. Soul sucker might have brain cells to rub together, as ruined as he is by drugs, if he's abusing both women online and offline like I think he is. This guy was a comedian, they need to understand their audience. A joke is a frame job. So is a smear campaign.

I actually find his persona fascinating, that's the only reason all this f**ked me up so bad. Someone like this could be brilliant and is yet... so insidious. Thought he was so talented, so insightful, until his evil peeked through. Yeah, yeah yeah, I can hear it, I have daddy issues. Hurts I can't watch him for longer than five minutes. part of my childhood gone too. Why did I like this weak loser with the ego strength of a jellyfish? I should've been able to detect he was a piece of s*it. My mistake.

There's of information I am unable to obtain, gaps I can't fill. That's okay. I don't want to grind anymore. There were also a lot of avenues I didn't go down knowing that it would endanger me more. last thing I wanted is my face and name and location out there. this is me ending it. i rendered all my social accounts inactive.

Someone said under one of my posts that he abused an alliterate actress.

No idea to what extent he's stalked and what information he has. How long this has been going on. I contracted danger prickles in like late 2021 after I started researching more into soul sucker. I've always been cursed with a "sixth sense" when it comes to danger. the danger I've felt since 2021, and esp since March 2022, has not vanished yet. At the beginning of this I was an optimistic college girl. I'm also a media student with a pretty strong understanding of framing myself, and that's why I don't think a bulk of what I've gone through or seen is coincidence.

At the end of the day I'm a young woman in my twenties who's typically alone. I concede because I can't protect myself. It wasn't in my right mind to fight $$ and power. Like the echelon blind girl I struggled with suicidality, self harm, trauma, etc, thought I was sooo self righteous. This has chewed me, scarred me up, and spit me out. Although I loathe this man, I never came from a place of malice in the first place with the deep dive thing, crushed under the weight of information, mental pain, and my pattern noticing brain. My mistakes shouldn't trail me forever. Insanity makes us all fools, but I'm not the main fool here.

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