Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Today's Blind Items - The Date

Who knows how it will shake out now, but this was the plan, as of January 15th. This A list actress who has in the past directed, proposed her plan to this foreign born A- list actor when they were dining together. She knows he has a crush on her from way back, and she was happy to oblige that, if only he would do her a little favor. Until today, everyone was convinced the ex of the actress would be nominated for an Oscar. Everyone knew the foreign born actor would be nominated too. No one knew the actor with the fake southern accent would play spoiler much the same way the former Vampire actress did last year. Anyway, our actress/director was going to attend the show as the date of the foreign born actor and have the entire world talking about her, rather than her ex and his big night. Will she still want to attend knowing the ex is not nominated. Let me put it this way. The red carpet interviews are sure to be captivating.

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