Friday, January 13, 2023

Four For Friday - Friday The 13th

All of the answers starred in Friday The 13th movies. 

#1 - This actor was known more outside of acting. He died not that long ago and was murdered, although the cause of death was listed as natural causes. No one had the heart to go after his murderer.

#2 - The "star" of the films brutally raped an actress on a different movie in which they worked. The actress claimed her drug addiction which led to her death was a result of the raped that was also caught on film.

#3 - Speaking of rapes, in what is considered the second best installment other than the original, this former A list mostly television actor joined in with several other guys on set to rape the lead actress. She never worked again.

#4 - This foreign born actress was actually raised in the US. She was always the one who would get naked in movies. She also became one of the biggest madams in the world and was never busted.

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