Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Today's Blind Items - The Swap - Golden Globes

Five decades ago was one of the greatest after parties of all time. If you ask this foreign born Sir actor, he will gladly share the story. This is despite the fact that he is usually reticent to discuss anything personal in his life. Apparently he had a massive crush on an actress who was a mainstay for years at a certain sporting event. Back in the day when this all happened, our actress was probably A- list. She is a multiple Oscar winner/nominee and a casting couch professional. Her date that night was a co-star and they had been screwing around all over town while partying up a storm on the expense account of one of her numerous lovers. 

Our foreign born actor was with his wife. A very new wife. Our actor even then was A list. One of the more well known actors in the world. During the show, there was a lot of flirting and a lot of booze flowing. By the time, the four got to an after party at the home of this singer/television performer/future politician, clothes were coming off and the four retreated to a bedroom where they swapped partners for the night. Things were going well until the homeowner decided he wanted to join in. The thing is though, his wife was unwilling to also join in so our homeowner was forced to sit in a corner of the bedroom and pleasure himself while the proceedings went forward.

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