Friday, March 17, 2023

Four For Friday - Presidential Dreams Dashed

 #1 - This recently deceased  leader of a lower constitutional body who could be called a trailblazer was once considered a contender for an A++ position although she ultimately couldn’t try for it and gave a very memorable emotional explanation of this. She was married almost her whole adult life but also had relationships with women. Her husband was okay with this.  After leaving the body, she ran an organization for a period of time and her longtime girlfriend was her assistant.  

#2 - This deceased leader of his state in an A+ position which is large and often in the news these days also worked for a still living A++ leader.  He himself did try unsuccessfully for an A++ role. He had a mean sense of humor and when he was in the A+ role he and some of his donors used to go to state mental facilities and release the inmates into a recreation area where they would throw water balloons and other projectiles at them while they tried to jump out of the way.

#3 - This deceased person whose name was a verb but was not a household name was A list in his career. He was from a sparsely populated place and was one of the worst womanizers in a field of filled with womanizers. In college, he had sex with two of his female instructors.  He was married a number of times and cheated on all of his wives.  One of his ex-wives publicly accused him of adultery.  He kept different women on his office payroll for sex and one time had one of them perform fellatio on him under a table during an event while this popular A++ figure who was already known from another career was speaking.  He had a huge manhood which he liked to cover with oil and show people often wagging it around in a circular motion.  He briefly considered going for an A++ listing himself in two different years going as far as setting up the apparatus but gave up when he considered what information on him was out there.  

#4 - This still living unsuccessful A++ aspirant who is not Steve Forbes had no other qualifications for this role other than the company his father built and its money.  He once killed a man while driving drunk as a teenager but his father pulled strings to make this go away.  

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