Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Today's Blind Items - The Tennis Player

This female player is revered in her country and most of the world. She has not faced a single scandal throughout her career and is very respected by the media in her country and in the world. She is materialistic. She has been recently receiving all kinds of awards for her contributions to tennis and sport. In real life, she is the polar opposite of what is presented. She has a brother who pimps her out. This has happened her whole life and her brother controls her life. Apparently she does whatever he says and that it is a combination of life events, but also that she is not 100% mentally competent.  There was a rumor about her from several years ago where she was suspected to have been hired out to a soccer team who had no idea who she was. What she also does is tell the world she is in a lesbian relationship. Apparently, that is fake and to give her cover for what her brother has her do. 

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