Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Today's Blind Items - No Investigation

Much like the death of Kate Spade, this death seems to have been totally glossed over and ignored and the convenient theory accepted as the final word, without even questioning or investigating. It was the perfect crime because it was so easily believable. Give an A- list actress an underlying medical condition that is all encompassing and make sure the world is reminded of it. Make sure every tabloid and article about the actress mentions the underlying condition and the reader is left with an oh those things happen mentality. This is an actress who very recently was a lead in a nationwide release movie. A movie a lot of people watched. Even with that, there was no investigation into her death. There were no questions asked about how her death came to be. The people closest to her who should do the digging, they obviously knew the underlying condition and accepted it also without question. They are the ones who should be asking for answers and how this one particular thing killed her, despite her going through much worse over the past few years. She pulled through all of those just fine and death wasn't even an issue. It took something special to be introduced into her body to do what it did. 

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