Monday, November 11, 2013

Random Photos Part Six

Veterans get the top spot today.

Bob Dylan is still alive and making the world's biggest gate.
Blythe Danner and Sarah Jessica Parker in Amanda Peet's new play,.
Drew Barrymore kisses her husband.
Dakota Fanning looking almost unrecognizable all bundled up.
Emma Watson and Stella McCartney hug it out with JK Rowling.
Anne Hathaway celebrates her birthday in very short shorts.
Jake Gyllenhaal and his friend talk size.
Meanwhile LeAnn Rimes looks a bit jealous. Either the size or the seats, can't tell.


Bacon Ranch said...

Thank you Vets, thank you very much.
Your service is appreciated.

Marieeee said...

I'm here if y'all need anything said about Emma ;)

Seven of Eleven said...

I love Blythe Danner but she looks like Rosanna Rosanna Danna here.

LOL @ Marieee! Link?

Echo @Bacon. Thank you to our vets, their families, their caretakers.

luvgossip said...

Blythe has some seriously poofy hair. Mine gets like that too! Speaking of hair, why does Leann always wear hers up? It's horrible!

Del Riser said...

A big thank you to our Veterans!

Haha, I was thinking Rosanna Rosanna Danna also.

JK has a boatload of money, she needs a better bra.

nurysp said...

Damnnnnn sjp looks rough

Its just U said...

Dakota Fanning looks like the love child of Malin Ackerman and Kate Hudson.
Not good.

Have a good Poppy Day everyone

Marieeee said...

Sure thing! ;)

Brenda L said...

I hate Blythe Danner....she gave the world GOOP

Renoblondee said...

Yeah, I did a double take at SJP. Rough.
LOL @Marieeee

Sherry said...

Oh yeah what's your website again? Any recent updates? LOL!

Sherry said...

Duh...Should've kept reading.

Rach Around said...

i had no idea that Sarah Jessica Parker had taken the eponymous role in Equus.

Flashy Vic said...
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Flashy Vic said...

Do you have the poppies in the US?
Anyway many thanks & respect from the UK to all veterans from the US, especially those still living from WW2 in the week we remember our war dead.

califblondy said...

Is Drew married to Jessica Simpson's baby daddy?

SJP looks better with lighter hair color.

Craig said...

Regarding the thanks to vets.

I know that you, as Americans, you value the service that is given by your soldiers. A service that should be valued without reserve.

please take a moment to consider that the fight for peace was made many times by many nations. it's not just America. I appreciate that may seem flippant but it is evident that it does get forgotten in the fervour of patriotism.

Yesterday was remembrance Sunday in the UK. My father's best friend died, succumbed to cancer. He was 83 and a decorated veteran of a couple of wars. I marched yesterday in remembrance of him and also of my grandfather, his father also.

I too served.

We don't want thanks. We just want you to remember that we did this thing and we did it for you whenever we were asked to.

B. Profane said...

I honor the service of foreign vets. My grandfather fought in World War I in the British Army. Survived Passchendale. Wounded twice. Gassed.

My uncle's unit of forward air controllers was entirely wiped out in a Japanese bombing attack in WWII, except for him. He didn't talk about the war much.

Lola said...

I already thanked the vets here at home for their service so I'd like to add a thank you to veterans near and far, from around the world who have given so much (at times, everything) to keep those that are free, free; to free those that are oppressed;to help the downtrodden and the suffering and all of the other jobs they've always done...often with little thank or acknowledgement.

Thank you.

FS said...

That's not a picture of American service members, we don't do the 'poppy thing' here.

I honored Veterans and military service members by writing to my member of congress today and asking him to pay them a living wage, and fully fund their benefits and retirements. I didn't post a picture on my Facebook or twitter so I guess I'm not a real American.

I think Emma Watson looks great in that photo. Looked at the blog, but it's just too much and I couldn't be bothered. Perhaps I'll look again some other time. She's handling fame and impossible wealth much better than I would have at that age.

Melpomene25 said...

FS, it may or may not be a picture of an American service, but I know we do the poppy thing here in the US... My grandfather served in WWII and fought in the Battle of the Bulge. My mother would always buy the lil poppy pins that honor the veterans. I could be 100% inaccurate in this assertion, but I want to say that the poppies in the US are more for WWII vets because my mother comments at how sad it is because she sees less and less poppies every year (ie less WWII vets around) :(

auntliddy said...

Some of my favorite people!

Gayeld said...

Marieeee, I kind of adore you for finding the humor in all that and choosing to run with it!