Thursday, November 14, 2013

Random Photos Part Three -

Taylor Swift showed off three different outfits at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and here are two of them.

Ciara was there and went for the very high slit.
Fall Out Boy looked for dates but were c**k blocked by Leo chastity belts all the models wore.
Michael Strahan showed up solo.
Leo's current girlfriend was there and
one of his exes.
Jessica Hart wore this odd looking thing while
Candice Swanepoel wore next to nothing after the show at a party.


ethorne said...

2nd pic down looks like an angry face by that model's chichi area

parissucksliterally said...

Ciara's body is the best. Girl has MUSCLE.

TimC said...

Leo knows his models.

Keep up the good work, kid.

Marieeee said...

Taylor is rocking some serious lesbian vibes in the pics I've seen.

nurysp said...

enough with these victoria secret shows
who the fuck even watches this
noone is buying none of it
we alllll get the 7 for 26 special panties
waste of time

TimC said...

taylor swift knows her models.

Kelly said...

Swifty never puts a foot wrong in her styles. That girl can DRESS.

LottaColada said...

Taylor Swift & VS do not mesh well.

Ginger said...

Ciara looks hot!

Who is Candice? Not leaving much to the imagination...major cry for attention.

auntliddy said...

These models and their outfits are useless and ridic but hey, live and let I've. Leo turning into chubby old man who stays too long at the club.

Kristin Wigs said...

@Ginger Candice is like the new head Angel. She's actually pretty low key compared to the others.

Sherry said...

Agreed Aunt Licky about Leo.

JSierra said...

I feel like the models are looking fuller this year and I like it.
Agreed on the swift lezzy vibes. I seriously hate that union jack outfit.


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