Friday, November 15, 2013

Random Photos Part Two

Mel B going out to dinner with her husband. They have been together much longer than I would have made a wager on before they got hitched.

Mariah Carey getting a chance to wear gloves. Always her dream evening.
The Bambi Award were held last night in Berlin. All you need to know is that Miley Cyrus
Victoria Beckham
Robbie Williams and
Bill Gates all got awards. Bill then twerked with Miley.
Matt Damon and the always intense Jason Patric.
Derek Jeter's ex girlfriend after getting her hair styled.
The Olsen twins headed to a Richard Lewis tribute concert.


VIPblonde said...

Patric Butt

VIPblonde said...

Matt Damon

Bacon Ranch said...

Miley looked good.
Richard Lewis tribute concert? That's odd.
Did Keifer have Patric blackballed or something? After Lost Boys it's as if he fell off the face of the earth.

amused bush said...

Bacon, didn't Julia cheat on Keifer with Jason during the filming of Flatliners? I have a feeling it was probably Julia who blackballed him once he served his purpose.

8====D KermitGossnellKnobjob said...

Patric was in "the Alamo", "Speed 2" and "in the valley of Elah" which are crap but very expensive crap.

surfer said...

Bacon - Richard Lewis ONLY wears black, hence, the reference.

TalksTooMuch said...

Jason Patric also seems like one of those guys you have to nudge onto the elevator. But it would probably be worth it.

The Real Dragon said...

@VIP Can we get some Chris Evan pics. IT relates to Meeka? lol

VIPblonde said...


Bacon Ranch said...

Ah, thanks Surfer. I suppose today it's 'esoteric' Entern. :)
Cool about the movie info, thanks guys. It's just that with Lost Boys he seemed to be the next IT guy. I forgot about Flatliners but remember Julia running off with him and ditching Sutherland.
Pretty sure it was a day or 2 before her wedding?
Either way, he really fell quickly.

The Real Dragon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Real Dragon said...

@VIP. Woot. Thanks. I need to see not another teen movie again.

Seven of Eleven said...

Hahaha! The box behind Mariah has "old awards" scribbled on it!

PS said...

Victoria looks tired and has for a couple years... I know they have a baby, but, I don't think that is why she looks so drained. I think the facade must be exhausting...and I think she does work hard at being vB.

TalksTooMuch said...

VB has four kids, 3 of which are boys. Definitely exhausted.

Jessie said...

That Richard Lewis comment is actually pretty funny. Nice one Ent.

Its just U said...

@Bacon Ranch he was good in Narc with Ray Liotta.
And Sleepers, which was crap but he was good.
Did ya know his real life Dad is Father Damien in The Exorcist?

White.God.of.Fuck said...

Minka has herpes.

Why isn't Karl dead already? I hope the old bastard gets mowed over by a cab tomorrow. Fucking freak.

Eros said...

Love Mileys look. Very sophisticated and classy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clarifying that Surfer. I had to google him & it seemed an odd mismatch.

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