Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Blind Item #4

I wish I could write this in his voice, but I am not that good. Anyway, this actor is probably A-/B+ list because he has been on this network comedy for what seems like forever. When it ends he will continue a slide down the ladder. He was having lunch with a friend the other day when a pap came up and asked if the actor was ready. The actor said yes, and told the friend not to worry it would only take a second. The pap dropped a product on the middle of the table and took some photos. He grabbed the product and walked away.


Tricia13 said...

Jim Parsons?

Sunspirit said...

Eric Stonestreet or Jesse Tyler Ferguson

David Howes said...

Did the Pap grab the product before walking away?
Or, did the Actor grab the product before walking away?
Slightly confusing to me.....

austin said...

lol @ David, I had questions too. The blinds so far today seem to be written in code.
Is "product" another word for drug? And are we to assume that if it was the actor who picked up whatever it was and walked off, did he just leave the friend he was lunching with hanging?
Inquiring minds want to know..

Smalls said...

I read it as the pap dropped the product, took pics of actor with said product, then took the product and walked away. The actor must be hoping for a paid gig selling said product after clearly being seen using it O.o *eyeroll*

Sounds more like Jim Parsons than Stonestreet/Ferguson with the voice comment. I suppose a long-shot could be Ty Burrell, but not sure if he'd be considered A-/B+. (Not that I get the ratings on here much anyway...)

austin said...

Thank you Smalls. Makes sense - actor posing with a product to endorse it. Pretty tame stuff for this gossip site, so a normal explanation didn't occur to me.

Unknown said...

It wouldn't be Jim Parsons because the spinoff of BBT comes out next week and he is the narrator of Young Sheldon.


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