Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #4

September 12, 2017

Has anyone discovered any disease this A- list singer/wannabe actress does not say she has? I think she comes up with them so she can keep making all those doctor visits.

Lady GaGa


Joel Theriot said...

I'm conflicted. I'm beginning to root for her. I guess that means she's done her job or that I'm a sap. Probably both... Ugh.

Krab said...

I don't believe for a minute she has fibromyalgia. People with that illness can't do the stuff she does.

Barbara RiceHand said...

Well you said the same stuff about Selena Gomez calling in for work and then the next day the news said she had a kidney transplant. So are you right or are the pictures showing her in the hospital right... hmmm.

Barbara RiceHand said...

Also I can't even handle this blogger crap. Like ok make a new email if you don't use google and password and new profile. FN dumb.

el said...
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Kat said...

Fybromyalgia progresses from stage 1 to stage 6 and FMS (Fybromyalgia Syndrome) is a host of different illnesses rolled into one big painful mess. No matter how many high priced therapies, medications, treatments she gets, she will eventually not be able to perform unless it's a short, quiet once a year event. It hurts and it's scary but if she uses her status to educate people and possibly fund some research then something good will come out of it. I have nothing but empathy for her.


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