Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Random Photos Part One

Two parts today. Leonardo DiCaprio does the sideways shuffle so paps don't get a clear shot at his face.
Mindy Kaling on the set of her show.
Olivia Munn doing the morning news rounds.
Sean Connery out there every day staying active.
Britney Spears did another of her off the cuff fashion shows last night.
Sofia Vergara out doing her usual thing of solo shopping.
Also doing the solo thing last night was Beyonce.


sandybrook said...

Usually Sean looks pretty aware of things, this pic not so much.
Brit those tighties can go just a bit lower I think...but only a tad.

Boredtech InDenver said...

I thought that was a drag queen and not Brit.

Apricot29 said...

anyone else think it's creepy that Gwen is wearing a kind of version of her wedding gown to Gavin? Just a thought.

Sd Auntie said...

Saw Olivia on cooking show and she kept saying things about being Asian that were really insulting.she is so annoying

Emma F said...

Is Mindy Kalong pregnant or did I imagine that? Who's the father?


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