Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Blind Item #9

This foreign born still one hit wonder spent a weekend yachting. She seemed pretty happy with it and probably is compared to what happened last time when she had to disappear for almost two weeks.


sandybrook said...

Welp the description called for Iggy Azalea

longtimereader said...

So her last yachting gig was so rough she had to hide for a fortnight!?!

BlissBoo said...

Does anyone have the real low down on what is "required" during yachting? Is EVERYTHING on the table including be shat on? Being beat up? Lindsay is always absolutely covered in bruises. So disgusting. I'm sure the men love to do it to humiliate what was once a hot commodity or probably "just because" they can do it. Sad that women have to lower themselves to that solely to pay their bills. I don't see this as a stable way to set up your future. What will she do then? Sad indeed.


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