Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #4

May 22, 2017

Billboard Music Awards

This about to star in a reboot movie B- list actress was hot and heavy with this B+ list mostly television actor who is married to an A- list celebrity. Their marriage sucks and it is not like he was super faithful during the good parts.

Alexandra Daddario/Josh Duhamel/Fergie


sandybrook said...

She's got a hot body that's about it though. Same as Fergie used to be.

Tyler said...

I give Josh a pass due to Fergie's marriage and family destroying drug habit.

OKay said...

Hey, good for Josh. You said yourself that Fergie was no prize wife (or mother), Enty.

Kim said...

Is he a television actor? I'd say A list movie actor. I guess it's just the pew photo of Fergie that made me think he could do much better.


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