Thursday, September 21, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #5

September 13, 2017

Seriously? The woe is me stories are already trickling in for this former back in the day A list singer who is living off fame from three decades ago. Whenever she gets a new projects she always has some sad tale to make her stand out from everyone else in the gig and her latest reality thing is no different. She has never changed her spots.

Debbie Gibson/Dancing With The Stars


sandybrook said...

Meh I don't know why Lyme Disease is suddenly the disease everybody gets but I've heard more about it this year than any other time since 1981 when I first found out about it.

Shorny said...

Or does she have lemon-Lyme disease? It would be very 80s of her.

SororSalsa said...

Since Lyme disease is something that you get from ticks, you'd think these starlets who probably never hiked a day in their lives would find something more believable. I'm sure Debbie came up with that story so that she wouldn't get overshadowed by the Paralympian. She was milking it for all it's worth on Monday night.

mooshki said...

Don't you mean 'Deborah' Gibson? :P

longtimereader said...

*off to youtube to play 'only in my dreams'*


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