Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #2

June 5, 2017

She is a mess physically but even she knows she needs some good publicity. So, there she was this weekend, dazed and confused but posing for as many paps in as many situations as she could talk her husband into doing. I do wonder sometimes what this singer has over her husband to keep up this marriage charade.

Fergie/Josh Duhamel


longtimereader said...

I'm guessing a family?

Guesser said...

Probably bi, it's been rumored.

sandybrook said...

Probably visitation rights to Axl

Tyler said...

I've read a number of times that Josh is by far the better parent, or perhaps the only truly good parent, so could be he's been trying to keep the family unit in tact for his son's sake. For Fergie, maintaining appearances helped her look as good as possible when the inevitable finally happened.

Ninja Grrrl said...



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