Friday, September 22, 2017

Blind Item #7

Considering she is working on about an hour of sleep a night, the energy levels for this former tweener turned adult singer/actress filming a new movie for the A lister are pretty high. The bags under the eyes though are going to be tough to remove from screen. They give her a totally different look than the part requires and the director actually said something about them. 


Anonymous said...

I hope she survives tbh. Kidney transplant its not just a holiday

Dartmouth GIRL said...

Selena Gomez / Woody Allen

Tyler said...

+1 for sure laura

Kim said...

I'd hope Selena would be taking better care of herself now. Friends get mad at each other tor ruining a borrowed piece of clothing, just think how upset Selenas friend would be donating a kidney for her to put herself back into the hospital.


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