Thursday, September 21, 2017

Blind Item #11

Another little nugget to add to the feud of these two actors from a BBC show all of you know. The slightly more famous of the two disliked his co-star so much that when he was required to give a line for the lesser known actor to respond all he would say is, "Blah blah blah, your line." It drove the other actor crazy because he had nothing to play off at all.


sandybrook said...

Martin Freeman and Cumberbitch Sherlock Holmes?

Scandi Sanskrit said...

I feel terrible for laughing for some reason but this is hilarious.

This is also says they're both proper actors because the other one reacts to what the other one is doing instead of just waiting for their turn. At least one of them knows how to drive a proper actor crazy, so they both are.

It's like what the Buddha said: "No matter how terrible an experience is, there's always some kind of blessing in it. The goal is to find it." ♥ (I'm paraphrasing.)

Also, Enty. The site is super-fast now and the Blogger layour gives it a cool 'underground' feel.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

*For their turn to deliver their lines, I mean.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

Ah where are my manners? Thank you for the layout change, Enty. ♥♥♥♥

Smalls said...

What's funny is that, if this is Cumberbatch/Freeman, that kind of behavior is in line with how Sherlock behaves. I didn't know BC was so method, lol.

hamburgler1985 said...

I have friends who worked on Sherlock and I worked with the woman who directed Cumberbatch's Hamlet. It's definitely not him, and is most likely another fake BI from that loon who runs a hateblog about his wife.

Gonads2 said...

Every time loons send in actors/singers hate each other blinds or that sort of story pervades the mainstream media I automatically assume the 'hating pair' are either 1. good friends and someone wants to spoil it 2. good working colleagues who are simply not in each others pockets 24/7 and someone wants to spoil it 3. dating - and someone wants to spoil it or hide that fact.

In this case it's likely the first/second options, not the third - And such intense fandoms like that which the Cumberbitches dominate, are completely open to abuse by fans who obsess over fantasy scenarios. The hardliners were furious when Benny got married.


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