Saturday, October 07, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #3

September 29, 2017

This late night talk show host was at a party last night and showing someone some photos on his phone. One of the swipes led to a video of another guy naked and pleasuring himself. The host kept trying to move the screen but for a good five seconds, it was quite the show.

Andy Cohen


sandybrook said...

As long as it wasn't Harvey Weinstein whacking off it's good I suppose. (Some ex Fox News person had a story in the paper this morning saying Harvey forced her to watch him masturbate at a party she had gone to) 😣

austin said...

I read that too.. sicko. It seems controlling and humiliating women is what excites him, similar to rapists.

Ldy Bozz said...

How is this a blind? Everyone knows he's gay. I'm really curious to know why.

Habibti said...

So he has gay porn on his phone. Big deal.

Cee Kay said...

DBD, but still not something you maybe want to show off at a party - especially if it's a work thing.

TeacherFiGwan said...

have you ever look at a gay guys phone? its filled with dick pics and videos.... nothing secret, shocking or hidden here.


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