Monday, February 26, 2007

American Idol Producer Nigel Lythgoe Lives In A Hole

Living in a hole is the only possible explanation for Nigel's reaction to the naked photos of Antonella Barba on the internet. Nigel says he has not seen them and only learned about photos on Friday when Entertainment Weekly told him. Uh huh. With all the scandals that Idol has dealt with, there is no one on his staff scouring the web for porn and criminal records of all their contestants. Uh huh. Now, I am not saying the man is being less than honest, but I will say that the judges have probably discussed the naked pictures, including the oral sex ones and commented on them. Their comments may have gone something like this.

Randy Jackson - "That's what I'm talking about dawg."

Paula Abdul - "I have never been drunk. Oh what? Oh, have I seen the naked photos? OMG, I did see them and I just think she looks so pretty going down on that guy. I think she has a real chance to move on. Her pitch was a little off, but I am so proud of her."

Simon Cowell - "It was like amateur night. If I wanted to see blowjobs like that I would go watch high school kids. If you want to learn about blowjobs, go ask________________.


Anonymous said...

The saddest thing, she can't even sing!!! said...

My thing one of the NSFW pictures, her eyes are so pretty. Its a very disturbing image.


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