Monday, February 26, 2007

Kindness Plug

As always it is in the writer's own words.

I was wondering if you could put up some information for me about a charity event/fundraiser in Plano, Texas. I know this is a long shot, but I am desperately trying to help this family get the word out. Their 4 month old daughter, Sadie, was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma stage IV cancer. Their family has put together a fundraiser in Plano, Texas on March 2.
It is at Jump Town, 3045 W 15th Street from 5-7pm $10 per child.
Their church has also opened a fund for donations to help with the cost of her care.
You can read her story at "SadiesStory"
All the info for donations is on there also.


Anonymous said... wishes for little sadie and a full recovery.

( awesome that you'd post this. you have a heart--i imagine as big as your native state! now we love you even more.)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family. Best wishes to Sadie. A close friend of mine survived stage VI neuroblastoma at the unlikely age of 25 and is currently in remission. The prognosis is better the younger the child, so Sadie has a strong chance of pulling through. You're a saint for helping them raise money. HW

Anonymous said...

If everyone who can, donated 25 dollars, it will go along way to helping out. Nice thought, let's hope for the baby's recovery.


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