Friday, March 02, 2007

Obviously Living Together Is The Thing To Do

I know you have read about them and their adventure from last night, but did you really read what happened? In a movie, people would never believe it could happen.

Pete and Kate were at the NME Awards last night in London. They were there so Kate could present an award. Sounds innocent enough.

1. Kate got drunk.
2. Kate got in a fight with Pete.
3. Kate left the show early.
4. Pete licked Kate's face and she grimaced in disgust. (Probably not drunk enough yet)
5. Pete grabbed a table spoon.
6. Pete tried to take said table spoon into the bathroom.
7. Pete did not make it and was thrown out.
8. Pete and Kate ended up outside together and argued some more.
9. Pete and Kate went home to spend time with Kate's daughter.
10. Pete and Kate decided to get married because they love each other.
11. Pete and Kate have more children.


MnGddess said...

What the hell does she see in him? He's not the least bit attractive and he's probably snorted any moola he had up his nose. AND she'll probably be taking care of him a few years when all his organs shut down.

Cyn said...

OMG I totally love these two! Please Ent, keep the stories coming.

You know Pete already has two kids too, don't you?

Crazy. said...

I think for these two the struggle is the thrill.

Anonymous said...

i say brangelina should adopt the kids.

michele said...

He'll be dead soon, hell he already looks like he's got one foot in the grave.

Anonymous said...

Sid and Nancy anyone?

Anonymous said...

I totally LOLed at that first pic. They are so gakked out of their minds! They look like zombies. Tried to take a spoon in the bathroom! You know, these two are finally getting to the point where they're starting to make drug use look uncool.

Anonymous said...

Apparently they don't have Child Protective Services there. Poor Lila Grace, mommy's boyfriend steals all of her teaspoons. Sickening.

Anonymous said...

We do have an equivelent child services, I hope that they are currently removing Lila from Kate's clutches; however, I have heard that Lila spends a lot of time a both her dad's (Jefferson Hack) & her maternal grandmother.... due to Kate's "jet set life style"....

Anonymous said...

pete doherty should do us all a favour and just od


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