Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Justin Timberlake Naked

OK, well not naked. Lots of him is naked though and lots of Christina Ricci also. This is a scene from Black Snake Moan. To me that title does not conjure up images of Justin and Christina, but whatever. This scene is NSFW in the sense that it is two people doing it. You have to really look to see any nudity. But, if your office frowns on you looking at sweaty sex then perhaps you should wait until you get home. If your office encourages you watching sweaty sex then please pass along how we can all get a job there.


Anonymous said...

That caption was cruel, Ent. You know my love for JT. :) It is pretty hot though.

Jem said...

Ha. I used to run the porn department of a video store. I spent my days looking at double penetration

Anonymous said...

no wonder britney cheated!

three thrusts and he was done. not that i expected much, but jeez he's such a bore. he needs to stop trying to be an actor he's not really good at it, he's definitely no ryan gosling.

Anonymous said...

I will look at JT in any state of dress, all day long. I don't want him til he's older and has some staying power, though. All that time with CD emasculated the poor thing.


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