Thursday, March 01, 2007

Djimon Hounsou Has A Lot Of Sex

Last week Djimon enjoyed the attentions of Ms. Cameron Diaz and her pale white skin. This week. Djimon went with someone a little darker and about 8 feet taller when he hooked up with Kimora Simmons. Yes, THAT Kimora Simmons the woman who is "married" and who has been known to mainly swing from a different side of the plate. Guess Djimon must have something she was really craving. The lovebirds were groping and making out right in front of Oprah. Do you think Oprah ignored them or watched? Djimon must have done something right or got Kimora really drunk because this is one of the only photos I have seen of her where she actually looks happy.


Anonymous said...

The book "Mandingo" comes to mind........................

Anonymous said...

The were in "Beauty Shop" together


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