Monday, February 26, 2007

Jessica Biel vs Wilmer Valderrama--A Perfect Match

Both of them will hook up with absolutely anyone so they might as well pair off together. If they do not get together, then the two of them will probably end up with each other anyway after they rampage through every man and woman in Hollywood. Of course they may have already done every man and woman in Hollywood which is why they were in NY. Be on the lookout in your city for Fezica as they compete for the title of World's Biggest Ho aka The Scott Baio Award.

3 comments: said...

But if one person is skank and they hook up with another skank....doesn't all that skank kind of cancel each other out? According to Einsteins Theory of Skankiness, it is so.

Anonymous said...

lol @ "fezica"!!! *applause, applause*

Anonymous said...

Jessica Biel is hott! I'd do her. :oP


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