Thursday, March 01, 2007

Being A Party Girl And Not Drinking On Your Birthday REALLY Does Mean You Are Pregnant

WOW!! The UK tabloids finally got one right. Charlotte Church is pregnant. Unlike her UK counterpart Kerry Katona who was drinking at 8 months, Charlotte managed to actually go without. Now, lets look at the facts about Charlotte. Child prodigy who has been spoiled her whole life. Turns into big drinker and partier and lets her rugby playing boyfriend move in to her house and knock her up all before the age of 21. Well it can't be any worse than Pete and Kate. Anyway, here is a link to Charlotte's website with the news. Also, you may want to spend a few minutes on her site because she ACTUALLY updates it and some of the videos are actually funny. Not little kid kicking dad in the balls funny, but still funny. The video below is when Charlotte Church met Britney Spears and was snubbed.

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