Friday, March 23, 2007

Anna, Anna, Anna

So the Star and National Enquirer pooled their vast resources to find out what killed Anna. Well they are the same company so that would make sense. She also had a raging blood infection which would have killed her if she had not overdosed. Well if you can wake up during the night and sleep or eat or cook while on Ambien, I guess you can shoot yourself up with an unsterilized needle while on whatever sleeping drug ANS was taking.

In other ANS news, Howard K is getting the boot from the Bahamas house. Well since mom and dad pay for everything anyway, he might as well live with them. I'm sure his room is still decorated with Holly Hobby posters and his extensive Ken collection is still right in the closet.


B :) said...

I have read that Anna never injected herself.

Have a great weekend everyone.

WTF said...

Who believes that his mom and dad are REALLY paying?? He has to have money squirreled away from all the years he's been with Anna. He's not stupid.

Anonymous said...

I think H Killer Stern is impotent, or sterile and that's why he's so adamant about not taking the DNA test, well, too late, loser Murderer!

Anonymous said...

injecting yourself in the butt is pretty hard - can be done but I wouldn't try it. If she was injecting herself, it would be easier to do it in the thigh. Someone else gave her the injection, and they did it badly. Dirty needle? Eewww. Whether or not HKS is responsible, or held responsible for her death, he is toast. Like OJ, he will be a pariah wherever he goes. said...

What, did she have Hep C or something?

JeeezeLouise said...

Hmm .. the headline on this post just made me realize something. The baby's name, before Daniel's death, was going to be "Hannah". She ended up, of course, being Dannielynn, a mash-up of "Daniel" and Anna's real middle name, "Lynn".

But before that .... Howard + Anna = Hannah?


Anonymous said...

I can't find a singel redeeming quality about this guy.
I love reality shows but I remember watching just one episode of the Anna Nicole Show and recoiling in horror. She was on drugs and she had people like HKS encouraging it for thier own gain. It was really distateful to watch.

ukgrrl said...

I too read somewhere she got an abcess on her butt from dirty injection in bahamian clinic.....or sum shyt like that. Would be even sadder.

bionic bunny! said...

i made the comment on another site, that if she died of blood poisoning on the 7th, from an injection on the 5th, i don't think it is possible to progress to blood poisoning that quickly. the site may have been infected, but blood poisoning takes awhile to build up. remember johnny depp's little girl?
even with a compromised immunity system (lupus), it would take several weeks. and a shot in the butt is an
IM injection, so would take longer than an IV to turn septic. plus, you get red striations coming from the site of the original infection, so someone would have seen that.
sorry. this story just bugs me.

bionic bunny! said...

*immune system*

Anonymous said...

Biopic Bunny: I know it's hard but wait for the post mortem report. There are so many variables such as what & how much was injected where, IM gone wrong perhaps, prior medical conditions and really other important things only a physician can factor in. There is simply no way to judge responsibly without alot more info. I'm also pretty sure that Depp's daughter had a form of E Coli. I gotta say that people learning more about all these things like shooting up, E Coli & the great herpes debate above is only a good thing if they get the right info. Flawed, incorrect and partial doesn't cut it ever when it comes to the important things like living or dying.

Brainy Smurf said...

I think Dr. Kris is going to have to face some hard questions.

Even if the injection was from a B12 shot and not something else, the paperwork notes that Dr Kris did all the injecting. It was HER responsibility to make sure the needles were sterilized!

I have given my grandfather B12 shots since my nurse grandmother died. ALWAYS in the upper bicep.

I've only seen narco drugs go in el bum during my clinic hours. Even flu shots go in the arm. Sounds like Anna didn't want visible track marks!

Anonymous said...

IM injection sites are determined by muscle mass, med to be administered, medical history and even needle length. I would avoid and RUN from any clinic, nurse or practice that ALWAYS chose the "easier" all purpose size needle in the arm.

bionic bunny! said...

sepsis is sepsis. i'm only speaking of the injection site that one party claimed was responsible for the blood infection the point i was making was that infection resulting in sepsis to the point of organs shutting down, takes more that 2 days.

if the death certificate specifies e. coli, that would be in her gastric system.

Anonymous said...

^ Bionic bunny I think you may have misread. I see someone saying to wait, that there's too much for non medical laymen to start speculating about and another that says Johny Depp's daughter, not ANS, had E coli. Gotta agree that medical conspiracy theory w/o solid knowledge & background is a rabbit hole.


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