Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The How Can I Get The Most Publicity Award Goes To...

Marques Houston. Yes, the R&B singer's third album came out yesterday, and guess what? His new girlfriend is Kim Kardashian. Now that would give you some extra publicity right there. But then in this article he starts rambling about how everyone has a freaky Kimberly side which just makes you wonder if they have made a sex tape. Oh, and if you just want that extra dash of publicity you have your girlfriend's sex tape being released the day after your album. Wow, her name will be everywhere and you will be right there smiling. Every article about her, and there will be plenty, will mention that you, her boyfriend just had your album drop.

Now, you say, EL, you are just cynical. Did you see the outfit Marques Houston wore to get publicity? You don't think he would f**k Kim Kardashian for publicity? Please.

4 comments: said...

I went to an outdoor concert once where I sure could have used that plastic body bag.

Anonymous said...

Kim Kardashina is the new Superhead pass'ed around from rapper to rapper. mark my words.

PiscesTia said...

Hey, I am a huge Marques Houston fan. His album is quite nice actually. And if he is seeing Kim, please, please, I would rather hear the CD than watch the sex tape. Just a tad bit of class please?

Anonymous said...

they deserve each other
her father is spinning in his grave regretting his life decisions and morals that precipitated her actions
so very sad
she is actually a very pretty woman when you take the dick out of her mouth... aren't we all
she sets all women back a decade or two


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