Friday, March 23, 2007

What Is Lindsay Lohan Smoking?

The people over at were sent this photo of Lindsay which was taken during her recent NY trip. The guy looking at her seems to be thinking:

A. I didn't know Lindsay was smart enough to know how to roll her own cigarettes. It's amazing what they teach you in rehab.
B. She already drank all of the "water" out of my bottle. There is no way she is getting all of this.
C. Damn, this is some good shit. Lindsay Lohan almost looks pretty.
D. Do you think if I bought her mom some also I could score with both of them tonight?
E. I wonder if she is going to toss it. I heard she found religion.

Thanks to yorkshirebint for forwarding the link in my direction.


Anonymous said...

so she's smoking weed, good for her, pot is only illegal becuase religious extremist like george bush want to force their religious beliefs on everyone else. said...

If she's just GOT to party, I'd rather see her with the herb than the crack.

Anonymous said...

Would this girl just go AWAY. PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

actually, i believe pot is illegal because the government isn't making money off of it.
god must have put it here for a reason.

what he was thinking when he put HER here, i dunno.
good to know what a great job those private re-habs are doing, though.

Anonymous said...

Pot is illegal because hemp was ruled unpatriotic due to William Randolph Hearst's messings with Congress. Seems his rag papers (he's the source of yellow journalism FYI) were being scooped by those printed on hemp. Out it went.
Certain blends are still considered the best medicine for several conditions--including bi-polar, which I suspect both Lindsay and Britney both suffer from.

If the USA government were to have legally sanctioned hash bars like Amsterdam, they could eliminate all taxes on booze and cigarettes and actually pay DOWN the national deficit!

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