Monday, March 19, 2007

Weekend Photos

This photo is staged much better than last week. They all look happy. I wonder how late they were up practicing? Katie (excuse me, Kate) is kind of hot with that whole school girl kind of thing going for her. Notice how Suri's hair is brushed just like Tom's hair?

Neither one of these two looks enthused to be with the other. Perhaps it will not even last until next weekend. Didn't Kirsten Dunst say she doesn't smoke?

Josh Henderson from Desperate Housewives is more desperate than anyone knew. Well at least he didn't need to ask if she had any STD's.

I just get the feeling that Julia Roberts and Jennifer Garner are really great mothers. Denise Richards is probably a pretty good mother also. She does look like she has the juggling thing down. Cell phone, sweater falling off, real estate listing, child, some kind of drink, and cookie in child's mouth all while kissing your daughter with the braided hair.
Thanks to flynet

Didn't take DJ AM long to get over Mandy Moore huh?

JoJo in the Bahamas. She is slowly morphing into Lindsay Lohan.

Never really saw this coming when I watched That 70's Show. For more of Laura Prepon. Not more like all her clothes off more, but more photos in bikinis and such, click here.

12 comments: said...

DJ AM likes his women within a certain IQ range, doesn't he?

Anonymous said...

How many years ago did she do this shoot?

At least two years.

Anonymous said...

Look Denise, Ent said something nice about you!
Yay you!

lol @ DjAM comment!

Anonymous said...

Laura looks great, who would've guessed plain Donna would be hot?


Anonymous said...

Boy, talk about compare and contrast - the whole Tom/Katie/Suri "family" seems so awkward and staged (even when they "look happy"), whereas the photos of Jennifer Garner, Julia Roberts and even Denise Richards reflect genuine love, affection and enjoyment of the kids.

Poor Suri. Lucky Violet.

Anonymous said...

'Plain' Donna used to be a model before 7os show.....

Anonymous said...

Awww...I really like Laura Prepon.

Anonymous said...

This is a very strange thing because just this morning I was thinking how Suri's hair might deliberately be being colored and brushed/styled into a Tom-do.

Now if 2 of us have thought it quite independently of the other, it makes you wonder whether there's something in that particular conspiracy theory. ;)

I'm still of the opinion Kiki's probably got some hot chick on the side and all these guys' are just buddies/photo ops.

Anonymous said...

Kiki's wearing hospital ID bracelets. Wonder why?

Anonymous said...

Have you ever been to a concert, 3:28?

Scrap that, obviously not. They are concert bracelets to allow you to get in and out of venues and let those on the door know you're legit, and paid to attend.

Man, I can't believe I'm explaining this in 2007.

Anonymous said...

If you look at Johnny's right wrist you'll see he's also got the green strap. The orange one probably means she can get into the VIP area or something. Everyone gets at least one bracelet at these kind of outdoor concerts.

Anonymous said...

3:38 - LOL. Now that I think about it, the lower end venues give bracelets. You know, those general admission ones. I try to avoid those.


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