Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Blogs Worth Reading

Just two this week. Both of these blogs are written by women.

The first blog is written by a woman named Lola. Basically she started writing this blog to deal with some love issues with the guy she calls The Boy. Well three years later, Lola still writes and rants on everything from hating birthdays to the faults of every guy she meets to the lack of a good sex life. It is three years of intensity. Start reading anywhere, but take it in small doses because when I say intense, I mean intense.

The other blog for this week is much more light hearted and free. I think of it as High Fidelity for women. A woman lives in Toronto and talks about her life, her loves and lots and lots of music. Her life revolves around music and everything relates somehow to the music playing in her life at that time. She has blind items, conversations with herself and some snarky comments about customers and musicians.


Anonymous said...

not fan of neurotic women not getting any

Anonymous said...

does that whore that shagged Ralph Fiennes have a blog? cause I would totally read that.

Leti said...

Lola makes me look sane. Which is really hard and very scary!

Anonymous said...

It's not EVERY guy I meet... just the ones I date.

Thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

Lovin' Lola, Music Lady...not so much.


Amber said...

Cool, I'm from Toronto. She's got a blind item up about Jared Leto. He's such a dick!


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