Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Links-Maybe It Will Throw You Know Who Off The Trail

According to TMZ, Britney got her life back. You can ignore the part about custody of the kids because it makes no sense. I can't imagine a scenario (even $$$) where Kevin and Britney agree to joint legal and physical custody and then later on down the road, Kevin says, "I don't want it anymore."

I bet Vanessa Williams never thought she would get a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame when she was on the cover of Penthouse 20 years ago. Vanessa, you have done it all and deserve that star. Just for putting up with Rick Fox I would give you a star. The link has lots of good pics.

Why is it that when someone doesn't button their shirt, the world goes crazy?

You remember the former police officer turned flight attendant who had sex on a plane with Ralph Fiennes? BTW, Sex on A Plane just sounds better than Snakes On A Plane. Anyway, turns out the flight attendant had a part-time job as a hooker also. Made $1600 a night. She has had quite the life. After his unprotected sex with the hooker, Mr. Fiennes was scheduled to lecture on why it is important to never have unprotected sex and the danger of AIDS.

Some celebrity chef in the UK walked out on his wife and six kids for another woman who also fathered one of his children.

Niki Taylor wants more publicity and US Weekly had nothing better to do.

Speaking of US Weekly, have you seen this contest they are running? You can win a date with Brody Jenner. Honestly I think it is about the sleaziest, tackiest contest in the history of contests.


Anonymous said...

Ralph Fiennes and a whore lol !

Anonymous said...

"for another woman who also fathered one of his children."

I thought she had a sex change but sadly it was just a typo.

JeeezeLouise said...

How about this contest, EL??


Anonymous said...

Am I being overly blonde today? What's he talking about "it may throw You Know Who off the trail?"

Anonymous said...

OMG - that Brody Jenner contest is like something right out of Tiger Beat magazine! Special Love and Kisses Issue! Turn ons: super sweet girls, walking on the beach, ice cream. Turn offs: Mean people.

Anonymous said...

I think he means the $cientologists, Pinky.

Anonymous said...

D'oh! Thanks, Hez.

Anybody else think TC isn't aging particularly well? And what's with that hair style? Looks like the top is just a lid that you can open and look into and see what's left of his brain.

Anonymous said...

He's all Jerry O'Connell in this picture! And not the good, "Rebecca Romijn and Crossing Jordan and Nate Berkus Decorated my House on 'Oprah'" years... more like the bad, "Everyone Still Thinks I'm The Fat Kid from Stand By Me, but Look, I'm in a Sports Movie with Tom Crui..."

(Okay, I realize that universe just collapsed on itself. Heh.)

And he's totally sportin the culty wonk eye. Gross.

I say he's got "Faustian Bargain" face.


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