Wednesday, March 21, 2007

More Links--If Your Boss Is Already Going To Yell At You After Lunch, Is It OK To Drink At Lunch?

Lindsay Lohan bought two puppies. She made it very clear that she bought them while she was sober. Sober or drunk I think it is a very bad idea. Someone who can't remember to dress themselves fully should not be responsible for two dogs.

That Ryan and Simon stuff from last week about coming out may have been scripted. Wow! That's big news. Go spend $4 on a Star to read all about that.

Dallas Austin apologized. No one really cares about the apology. They just want to see the video again.

K-Fed's birthday party was canceled. No one wanted to pay to sponsor it. Hey I have an idea. Take the kids to Chuck-E-Cheese.

Nicky Hilton's butt.

Lindsay Lohan flashes her firecrotch.

You know I am all about equal time here. So, here is Marcus Schenkenberg. Lots of him.


Anonymous said...

Lindsay mother Dina is in Harpers Bazaar magazine. So trashy. I would not be surprise if Lindsay and her mom do 3'somes.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmmmmm...Marcus Schenkenberg. Lip smacking good...

Anonymous said...

Dallas Austin - Thank you for confirming what I already suspected. Aggers and Stone appear to have good voices - why do they feel the need to screw men for tracks.

K-Fed - If people wouldn't cover him then he would disappear. Why would ANY publication pay to cover him. I thought he was paying THEM with Britney's money to get coverage.


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