Thursday, March 22, 2007

If You Are Bored This Afternoon

This site will cure it. You can choose from hundreds of actors and actresses. The site wants you to register but you don't have to. Also, I guess some of the activities or people cost money, but I saw Tom Cruise was free so I was good. I am linking to the Tom Cruise doll, but you can mess with anyone you want.


Anonymous said...

Is there a cute Hispanic gardener to pose him with? Cuz I hear that's what Tommy REALLY likes...

Or how about a spaceship so I can fulfill my fantasy of removing him from the planet once and for all?

And come to think of it, why is it the ones who believe in aliens keep hanging around OUR planet? Go, be with your people already, starchild!!

Anonymous said...

Can I just say how much I am diggin' the EL Tom Cruise stuff? It is cracking me up.

I cannot take TC and his staged "happy family life" any more and if his oh-so-thin facade is starting to crack and crumble, that would be just dandy in my book.

And btw (if the leaks are correct), what lawyer would let Katie sign a prenup that says they have to be married for 15 years before she gets a dime? Brutal!

Barb W said...

What an amusing way to pass time. Of course, when it comes to Tom, they should have items we could do him some imagined harm! You know, just being able to make his life miserable in countless ways! Or pockets big enough we could make Katie pick them daily. Of course, hope she already has this covered.

Just anything to piss him off. Unbalance his world so he loses a bit of control, and raises his BP trying to regain control. Then, without any medications,see how he does!


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