Friday, March 23, 2007

Links, Photos, And Videos (Kate Moss w/ Little Britain)

Satirical quote from Mr. Mintz

"I think that should be enough Valtrex for the next few weeks. Of course we offer a free sample to everyone Paris sleeps with which is why we get them shipped Fed-Ex."

Kate Moss performing live with Little Britain.

Tommy Lee enjoys sucking men's toes. Honestly, is there much of a difference between that and Pamela Anderson?
Paul McCartney and another woman. Well as far as I know she hasn't done porn. BUT, she has dated so many other rock stars that Paul may want to give Elliot a call. Whoops. Elliot represented John and Yoko so Paul will just have to go to the store by himself.
The singer Mika is getting death threats because he won't tell people if he is gay or not. That should be your answer right there folks. Next.

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