Friday, September 19, 2008

Hey FOX. Let Them Protest

I think this Roger Friedman guy from Fox News online must be about 100. At least I hope he is, because it is the only way I can allow him to get away with what he says about Anonymous.

Roger semi-reviewed Katie Holmes' and the play last night. I say semi-reviewed because, despite making the big bucks and having access to tickets, Roger decided to have some people go see the show for him. Well, whatever, he said that the show was great and that Katie Holmes didn't hurt or embarrass herself or the play.

Didn't hurt it, isn't the same as adding something to it either. I guess Tom did make his late entrance and help up the curtain time so he could take time to hear the applause from the Scientologists he brought along with him. Oh, yes he did, and apparently he even brought 20 more with him when he came into the theatre. They all sat down at once and were all wearing matching clothing. At the conclusion of the performance they all got down on their knees and bowed to Tom who then rose into the air and floated out of the theatre.

My main issue with Roger is that he says that the play is not about Scientology and that Anonymous shouldn't picket because it has nothing to do with the average theatre goer. That is crap my friend. They are just spreading the word and making sure that none of those audience members get snagged. By whom? Well, what about the audience members Tom brought along. Think they might have passed out a card or two? Is there a stress test booth set up outside the theatre?

I think you should protest where you know you will get the most attention to your cause. It goes without saying the #2 of the Church will probably be attending many performances, and as such, it is a really good idea to do it there.

Plus, you think the Scientologists weren't there doing their own thing? Check out the video below from Anonymous.


kimi said...

Both crazy.

mooshki said...

LOL at the Scis using Wikipedia as a reference. "I NEED PROZAC!"

C'mon, we all know they bought up most of the tickets. How much of the audience was "average theater goers?" My guess is 20% tops.

bramblewitch said...

Thanks Anonymous! Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

While both might be crazy, at least Anon is the the good type of crazy, the type that makes you hopeful while saying "this is nuts!" L.Ron's people are the bad type of crazy - you say "this is nuts" while getting a bit more paranoid and feel like the world's a lot less safe.

...I need a mask and enough gas to get to NYC.

mooshki said...

"..and enough gas to get to NYC."

There's gotta be a Tom Cruise joke in there somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Gay Cruise really believes he is above everybody, doesn't he?

SkittleKitty said...

Gotta say, though, Ent, Roger Friedman gives Scientology/Scientologists a hard time fairly regularly. He featured the Jason Beghe videos in his column and regularly questions Will Smith's thoughts/involvement with the church, and of course Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. I was surprised he thought "Anonymous" shouldn't continue their protests.

Anonymous said...

I'm pro anonymous but I wish they would make better signs.Even those crazies at The Westboro Baptist Church put more effort into their signs. at the edinburgh anonymous protest one guy had a sign that said
'scientology? more scientLOLogy.' and one that said 'scientology is fail' (youtube it)

Also, either they should all wear masks or not at all. If half of you aren't doing it it makes the ones that are seem dumb. they should all wear tome cruise masks!

Anonymous said...

i need to learn how to proof read! yeah it said 'scientology? more like scientLOLogy!'

And tom cruise not tome.


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