Monday, September 15, 2008

Random Photos Part One

So, for the top spot today, I have four people who I think are pretty damn good actors, plus they have never been a blind item which means that for the most part they stay out of trouble. Just thought I would pay some respect.

Tim Daly

Michael Chiklis
Marcia Cross
And Julia Louis-Dreyfus
So, do you think when Ben Affleck comes home from the set like this, he and Jen play surfer boy and girl?
Avril Lavigne has decided that all people want to dress like her. And pay for it.
And yes, of course, still look as crappy as her.

This is Drew Seeley. A word of advice Drew. This was Corey Haim's favorite pose. Just saying.

Dennis Haysbert is definitely one of my favorite actors.
The obnoxiously good looking couple of the day goes to David Charvet and Brooke Burke.
Have not seen Bruce McGill in forever. He looks good.
I think Brian Baumgartner may want to change the shoes before playing.
So, Jennifer Lopez ran the triathlon. What about everyone else who didn't get a cover? Felicity Huffman did it. No one even noticed.

Cindy Crawford didn't run in it, but she was there, and hey it's Cindy Crawford. She stays.

Eliza Dushku ran it, and no even said a word.
Jon Cryer? Hello, How about some love for him.
Heather Tom? No one is even looking at her.
Andy Lauer. Oh, I lost all of you huh? Well the pictures continue below when you get a chance.
Saving some space, I put Jen and Kate together.

Jonas Brothers - Los Angeles
The balls of the day go to Henry Holland who wore this to an event at 10 Downing Street.
Giada, just because Rachael Ray can't be the only female chef we ever get to see here.
Matt Damon gets the charity award of the day. He should just get a special award for going to Haiti.

Miley Cyrus- Los Angeles
The years change, but Kevin Smith's wardrobe never does.
A new S&M game for Kevin Nealon.
James Remar makes his first appearance in the photos.

Patrick Warburton is looking really good.

Even the Princess is smiling today. Wonder if she is going to Vegas or something.
Pamela Anderson has basically run out of men to marry at this point, so goes with this dude.
Yeah, has anyone actually seen it? I know she is London. Hasn't some pap there accidentally tripped her or something just to see what happens?
First rule of triathlon. Save time where you can. Oh, wait, he isn't going to the bathroom. My bad.

Selena Gomez just because, I guess she is relevant. Megan Fox hates her which means I probably should love her.

Yes, Suzanne Engo looks happy now, but she is about to go on an 858 mile run. Good luck with that.
Steve Colbert at the race for the cure event in New York.
Dame Shirley Bassey looks great and is all recovered from her recent illness.
By the time this press tour is over, these guys will..Hell, they won't make it to the end. They will just say f**k it and go home.
Zachary Quinto could use some hips.
Taylor Swift looks amazing.
Gosh, I must be in a good mood, because I think Tyra looks good also.
Scott Wolf still looks short. I think he is on a stool here. I can joke about it because I know about him.
Samantha if you look like that, no girl is ever going to go out with you. Oh, wait, guess I was wrong about that.


Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Damn, SamRo looks like she's suffering from a serious illness.

surfer said...

Hey Enty,

Isn't it Andy Baldwin, not Andy Lauer?

Molly said...

thats not a great pic of tim daly, but thnx heaps enty!!

lutefisk said...

The guy behind Nicole Kidman seems as if he is looking at that bag of laundry slung around her neck & thinking, wtf?

Anonymous said...

Yeah those glasses do not suit Tim Daly at all.

And I guess the Scott Wolf mention confirms the Enty went to Amsterdam w/ Scott Wolf suspicion we had with that blind.

And the only hips Zach Quinto could use are mine, mounting him. (sorry :) RAWR

I don't get the Princess going to Vegas thing... and did Pam really get married again?!

ali said...

Does anyone else think that Bruce McGill and Tyne Daly were separated at birth?

Ice Angel said...

That little princess is about the cutest thing ever! Too cute!

Ewww...SamRo...she looks nasty! How did she ever snag LiLo? (Not that she's all that great either!)

Does the fact that he mentions the top 4 have never been a blind imply that all the others have been?

Unknown said...

It took me a long while to guess that the mommy was Nicole Kidman. At first I thought, "what's Kim Basinger doing with a baby sling?"

It's those fish lips.

Is she's everyone's guess for the "No bottles in the house" Lainey blind?? I think so...

Unknown said...

Blind clue - Afleck and surfer - wife affair?

Miranda said...

I love the Dushku! One of my favourite actresses; thanks for the pic!

redgurl72 said...

I second that - yay for Dusku!

Grace - Kidman is my guess for the Lainey Blind too. She hasn't notted her but has done for all the other popular guesses.

Anonymous said...

desert - ooh good catch.

califblondy said...

Tyra doesn't look like Tyra.

Sam's scowl is really getting old. Didn't her Mama tell her that her face is gonna freeze like that?

AlishaK said...

Since Dennis Haysbert was mentioned as one of Enty's favorites, but wasn't in the no-blinds section... is he the answer to a blind?

selenakyle said...

Yummmmmm, Dennis Haysbert.

Remember him in that stupid Charlie Sheen baseball movie? With the voodoo and sh*t. Extremely hot.

He can be my President any ol' day!

jagerlilly said...

Is it just me, or does Samantha's scowl make her look like Mr. Bean?
LOL!!!! Apologies to Rowan!

Maja With a J said...



Amber said...

I only know James Remar as Dexter's dad, can't think of anything else I've seen him in.

lol jaerlily, I do see a bit of Mr. Bean in her!!

Julie said...

ok, Giadas a little more tolerable with her mouth shut. no teeth, no faux italian speak woo

Thats Tyra???
aww i miss the local dive here called "10 downing street" :(

wowwwww ok, so, I've always been told how much my husband looks like Ben Affleck...but REALLY omg. Pats been unemployed and straggly...I mean, hes not as charles manson looking, but they still look astonishingly alike.

Unknown said...

Can we please please puh-lease have no more SamRo pics for a while, I'm tired of seeing ugly on a stick.

And WTF is Kevin Smith wearing? A moo-moo?

Anonymous said...

Some Dexter lovin is always good, even if Harry isn't. :D

Jagerlilly I agree. I couldn't put my finger on what the hell she reminded me of but Mr. Bean is it!

Who the hell allowed Skankala Lee Anderson Lee Rock WhatTheFuckEver in white? That's a disservice to every prostitute who wears white at their wedding!

mooshki said...

Ice Angel, if so, that's a LOT of reveals to try to figure out... I guess that means Marcia Cross didn't lose all her hair. :)

'Fess up, you put Jen and Kate together so no one would think you were endorsing that god-awful hideous dress, right?

I hope the reason you put a Jonas brother in is either because he's the gay one, or the one who didn't sleep with Miley, or both. I know there are a few young-uns who read, but for the rest of us that's just painful. (Did any of you see "The Soup" with the gun and all? Laughed my ass off.)

I almost went into a political rant about Haiti, but luckily I remembered my rule. Really, really good thing you're doing, Matt.

God I love Kevin Smith.

Is Kevin Nealon one of Leelee's clients? ;)

I will never be able to separate Warburton from "Puddy."

What's the Megan Fox/Selena Gomez story?

Colbert could use a bit of Mystic Tan. :)

Pacino looks like he's about to hit the nearest bed and stay there for a month.

Wow, you must be in a REALLY good mood to think Tyra looks good. :(

MnGddess said...

Tim Daly.....what's that sound that Homer Simpson makes when he sees donuts?



bionic bunny! said...

okay, moosh, now i know why we love each other...
but, we have to put our boy on a food program, he's gained a bit, and it's not good for him. and i adore him SO much, we MUST keep him around!

and i've got to say, if j-ho did that triathlon, i can do it in my sleep. at least i'm pretty sure i can. at least i can make it through the swim part without having to be rescued. stupid twit.

cricket said...

Kidman looks like Michael Jackson walking around with Blanket. She'll dangle it off a balcony soon to try and drum up intrest in Australia


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