Thursday, September 18, 2008


Just when I thought it was safe to turn on my television again, it turns out that E! didn't have any more trashy women left to start their own television show so they told Denise Richards she could have another year. That, and I think Ryan Seacrest threw a tantrum and called down the ghost of Merv Griffin to haunt the place unless Ryan got his way.

Denise broke the unhappy news to the world a couple of days ago when she was walking the red carpet. Apparently filming is set to begin in a few months. Denise was asked to give her well wishes to Charlie and Brooke on their new child. She wouldn't even do that. I mean how evil do you have to be that you would not send someone your best wishes on the birth of their child. I don't care how much you hate two adults, or how much you despise them, would you ever not want the child to be healthy and for everything to proceed without complications. Is your heart that icy? Yeah, I know it is Denise we are talking about.

"I am not commenting on that situation. I hope one day get to a place but I'm not commenting right now."

All she had to say was something positive about the baby. Instead she goes off on one of her weird babbling comments. Oh, and as for reality on her show? Umm, not so much. Unlike some shows where the cameras are there 24/7, the cameras in Denise's show only were there certain days and times which were set out far in advance. That way they could work on the scripts, Denise could find someone to actually come over who wanted to see her, etc.


mooshki said...

Heart? What heart?

califblondy said...

Can't E! come up with better programming? It's entertainment television, entertain us for crying out loud.

What happened to A.J. Benza and that show he had about Hollywood scandals? I liked that one.

"Fame, ain't it a bitch."

notachance said...

Really? I thought E! in E! tv stood for Entertainment.

It's no wonder our kids come out of school not knowing the 3 R's when E! is clearly a C! these days.

Katie said...

i am pumped. i dont care what anyone says i looooooove denise richards!! and her midwest accent cracks me up!

Katie said...
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cinephan said...

Why does Seacrest care? Is she his fag hag or something?

califblondy said...

Isn't Seacrest the producer, creator, or caterer of her show?


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