Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Random Photos Part One

My favorite stereotypical socialite is back. Muffie Potter Aston. I honestly thought I would never get to see her again, but here she is so she makes the top spot. If you were going to write a spoof movie on socialites, Muffie Aston would be a name to choose. Does anyone else know anyone named Muffie?

I'm just a Billy Bob fan, what can I say? He is probably in the top ten of people I would love to hang out with for a night.

You know what is worse than being labeled a guest in pap photos? Not being labeled at all, especially if you actually showed up with someone which she did.
Well it is Billy Bush, so nothing he does at this point would surprise me.
Andy Richter almost got the top spot. He was at the relaunch of Morton's Steakhouse and as you can see Andy, like me comes prepared to eat.
Still don't like Dakota Fanning but it has been awhile so, here she is.

And I'm sure that box is on ebay this morning.
If seeing Blake Lively once is not enough.
How about Blake and Lori Lively.
Whenever Jimmy Fallon wears a tux, I always expect him to be holding up a card like a limo driver.

This is a breakfast radio show in London, but Gordon Ramsay does look tanked doesn't he?
How come I like posting photos of Gayle King but not Oprah?
Wow, you don't see Ethan Embry for a couple of months and he goes bald. Join the club buddy.
Hope Ted Danson and Patrick Dempsey like each other. I'm surprised Patrick's publicist didn't send over a biking photo or Patrick posing in spandex in front of a mirror.

Jordan Pruit - New York

Jennette McCurdy makes her first appearance in the photos.
I once thought Jude Law should have been the next Bond. I was wrong.
Jon Lovitz and Kristy Swanson would make an interesting couple.
Nut John Lovitz and Tim Allen would make a much more interesting couple.
Maria Bello and her, is that a butterfly on her top?

Lucia Mendez - Miami
Well it is a random photo. I mean Lance Bass and Anna Faris together is pretty random.
Yeah. I'll let all of you handle this one.
Jane Seymour and her daughter.

Matt & Kim - New York

The always lovely Melora Hardin
Does Mariska Hargitay look different to you also?
I didn't notice Brian Austin Green anywhere. Did any of you see him at the premiere of his girlfriend's film?
Hey, in a couple of years they can do meth together and ride in the back of a police car.
How about Robert Buckley to be a Bond, or a criminal at least?

One of my favorite names ever. Piper Laurie.
See that bruise on Olivia Palermo's arm? Yeah. Not a good place. Now everyone will be whispering. "Oooh, she's the girl, with the you know bruise on her arm from_____."
Oscar de la Renta looks great.
The very pregnant Michelle Monaghan.
Why not, it has been a few weeks since I had Shia in here.

She is getting a Swedish fish tattooed on her arm. I'm thinking of getting a tattoo right there also of my favorite drink recipes.
Selma Blair actually looks good. Stoned, but good.
Tell me again why someone as cool as Robin Wright Penn stays with Sean Penn.
I normally like Rosario Dawson, but the practice of taking entire tubes of lipstick and applying them to said lips has to stop.


Nichole Fisher said...

I think that's Robyn Lively with Blake. Robyn was in Teen Witch, one of my guilty pleasures and also Savannah.

lutefisk said...

I just spit my coffee out reading the caption oer Kirsten.
Actually in college, a friend nicknamed me Muffy because I was so completely un-Muffy-like. To this day, he still calls me Muffy.

Molly said...

mariska doesn't look different to me.

jane seymour and her daughter look like they could be sisters.

PollyPureBred said...

Selma Blair looks HOT!

MontanaMarriott said...

Dakota Fanning is growing up, she now looks a bit like Kate Hudson

LOL Enty I totally agree about Jimmy Fallon, lol definitely chauffeur material

Gayle Kings always reminds me of Jennifer Holiday, from the Broadway musical Dreamgirls

Lucia Mendez is OLD, I remember my nana watching novelas with her in it when I was a child, and she looks the same, albeit a bit Chinese from too many face lifts lol

Jane Seymour, its a damn shame when the mother is hotter and younger looking than the daughter lol

Melora looks like Megan Mullaly from Will & Grace

Mariska looks like she got cheek implants or some puffiness in the face

Megan Fox looks like a hooker to me, no not a CALL GIRL or ESCORT a good ole fashioned hollywood and vine hooker lol

Oscar De La Renta, LOVE HIM

Rosario Dawson should definitely play Vanessa Del Rio in a bio pic of the first Latina Porn Star.

Mrs.Rouse said...

Megan Fox wasn't even in Eagle Eye! She is such an attention whore. She only showed up because she knows Shia. I hate that bitch.

Maja With a J said...

I woould show up too if I knew Shia *sigh*. He looks very handsome in that picture. Oh, and apparently he has a thing for older women. Yay.

Ms Cool said...

How cruel is it that you mention "Bond" couple times but don't feature Daniel Craig?! *sigh*

Unknown said...

I bet Megan Fox tried to make out with Billy Bob. Such a wannabe.

What the heck happened to Kristy Swanson? Remember her in Buffy- she was G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S

This Melora chick from The Office is waaaay underrated.

Mariska is so beautiful.

lawyagirl said...

I went to high school with a chick named Muffie. She was actually embarrassed to tell anyone her real name, which I thought was kind of pretty (Meredith) and way less embarrassing than Muffie! Very waspy. Very wealthy. Had almost white-blond hair that she always wore tightly pulled back. Sorta like the gal in your photo. Do all Muffies look alike?

Molly said...

This Melora chick from The Office is waaaay underrated.

yeah, i don't know how she's able to say any of her lines and react seriously w/o cracking up.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Kristy Swanson a homewrecker?

Carte Blanche said...

Any Meth blinds to look up?
Re: Matthew

I can't imagine it, but...

ykkstuck said...

I dont get the Matthew Brodrick (sp?) meth comment.

yikes, I didnt even recognize Shia

I knew of a Muffy and Buffy (friends with each other) in a prep school in CT - dont recall their last names but they were both blond from wealthy families.

ykkstuck said...

ooohhh, I get it now that I've read the Oneal mess

Carte Blanche said...

Ahhh...I'm slow. Is Enty just referring to the O'Neal posting below?

lutefisk said...

I think the Matthew comment is because Ryan & Redmond O'neil (father/son) were just arrested for drugs.

Unknown said...

I love Mariska and she looks amazing as always.
That is all.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for Mariska, Robert Buckley and the Seymours because there was a helluva lot of ugly in today's random photos.

Reese said...

I know multiple Muffies. Also Kips, Bitsys, Cuffies, Topper, Tipper, Chips, et al. Very common names where I live. I also know a Starshine, but she lives across town.

Dakota Fanning is definitely a jr. version of Kate Hudson, and I agree that Jane Seymour is a lot more attractive than her daughter is.

Mariska looks good in that photo, but I don't know that I'd say she looks different.

Oscar de la Renta is fabulous, always.

littlemanwhatnow said...

yeah, that's robin...and what's her name...megan fox is not in that eagle eye movie

califblondy said...

DN, I was just going to post that there were some nasty-looking celebs in here today.

Kristi, Kirstin, and (even though I hate to say it), Maria Bello, look like crap. Jeez ladies lather, rinse, repeat isn't that difficult.

Unknown said...

Bah, Rosario looks great in those pics and so do her lips.

That belt on Selma almost looks like it's going to cut her in half.

Is that Shia's look for a future young Ralph Fiennes biopic?

Kinda a low blow on the MBR pic, even if the kid does have red hair.

I'm never sure if I want to lick Megan Fox up and down or run away from the skank. I guess one, then the other.

Lucia Mendez IS the Liza Experience!

Now John and Tim WOULD make a more interesting couple. I can see it.

Don't know Jennette McCurdy, but I want to call her an Ewok.

Green Wave Gal said...

First time poster here...hi everyone.

In addition to her comedic timing...
I just saw Melora at the Hollywood Bowl as Fantine in a concert staging of Les Miz. She was AMAZING.

Brit Brit said...

OK thats the second time Enty Has said Mariska looks different.. Just spill the beans please!!

Molly said...

hey green wave.

melora sings? who knew?!

Green Wave Gal said...

Hey Molly.

Yes, she has a fabulous voice. When I saw her name in the program, I couldn't believe it! Talented lady!

Molly said...

i love her and les mis is my favorite play of all time. i wish i would have seen her in that!

Green Wave Gal said...

Molly-it was such a pleasant surprise!

It's my favorite play also. I think I've seen it a dozen times. The show at the Hollywood Bowl was a cross between a concert and the show itself. They had some sets/scenery and full costumes & makeup. It was interesting.

redgurl72 said...

So are we getting insider goss from the Emmy's this year ENT? I need a fix.

On a side note: I find myself liking Blake Lively a little less each day.

Green Wave Gal said...

and yet I still love Robyn Lively...and Teen Witch. Those were the days. :)

Sinjin said...

Reese said; I know multiple Muffies. Also Kips, Bitsys, Cuffies, Topper, Tipper, Chips, et al. Very common names where I live.

Gawd! I'll bet if they unclench their jaws, their rectal sphincters will follow, and a long stick will fall out of all of them. They can then use said stick to play polo or field hockey, lol.

Reese said...

Do not speak of what you do not know, Lisa; they are fabulous people. I've known them since birth; they are my dearest friends, my schoolmates and my relatives. Old money and new are different as night and day; the nouveau are the ones to avoid, the old families are the some of the best people you could ever hope to meet. Don't know where you got your ideas, but you couldn't be more wrong. I speak from the vantage points of both California, where my dad's family has been for 200+ years, and the east cost, where my mom's has been for 300+. Wonderful people on both sides of the country.

bionic bunny! said...

hi, green wave, and welcome!

okay, and those of you who know my name (not muffie, but a little bit close) i went to high school with three other girls with the same name, and we all spelled it different! and i think of the four of us, only one of them had that name on her birth certificate! and i was just so grateful to finally have a nickname, they could have called me almost anything friendly at that point!

now, scrolling back up to the jordan pruit pic, i don't know who she is, but WTF is/are ZWINKY CUTIES?
it sounds like either a candy bar or a feminine item for preteen girls!
and what's the hate for dakota (other than over-exposure, she's turning into a young lady now), and especially matthew broderick? i loved his dad, and i don't really care which way he swings, i've always been a fan. the wife, not so much.

Green Wave Gal said...

Thanks bunny! I don't know what took me so long to actually comment. I think I was afraid that I'd be addicted but I already am so it doesn't matter. :)

Sarah said...

I went to a preppy boarding school in Connecticut and there was a Muffy one year ahead of me. Her real name was Wilhelmina or something like that.

Little Blue Pill said...

Reese said I know multiple Muffies. Also Kips, Bitsys, Cuffies, Topper, Tipper, Chips,

I was just gonna say that I bet 80% of them are nicnames because alot of families I know give the kids traditional, family handed-down names. I remember it was such a sore point to my sister and me that we were named a combination of our mother and grandmother's first and middle names and why we couldn't have modern regular names like most girls. Now I kind of appreciate it though. Not totally but at least I'm thankful not to have some childish non-professional sounding name as an adult.

Reese said...

Yes, Little Blue Pill, they are nicknames, as the given names are generally names that have been in the families for many generations (very true in my immediate and extended families). Some names are used so often it gets seriously confusing as to who is being talked about unless a nickname is used (there are something like 5 Johns and Catherines in my immediate and extended families; nicknames are needed!). A lot of my friends and some of my adult cousins are still referred to by these nicknames, but in old money families that is pretty normal so we don't even think about it. In their professional lives they usually use their given names, or some variation on that. I'm grateful that the worst I was ever known as was "Reesie", but only close friends and family use that so I can live with it. I'd not want to hear it from my colleagues, however.

shakey said...

My family has many members. Who are named after one another. The only difference is we don't use nicknames. We're too poor.

Sylvia, Kristy is a huge homewrecker. So is Tori Spelling for that matter. May karma work its magic.

So is Ent revealing the blind about the man who likes male modelling by the pool? And the Jimmy Fallon comment is pointing us in the right direction?

btw, I love Andy Richter. I think Late Night went downhill a bit when he left.

Unknown said...

Wowza. Looks like we have a lot of "old money" females here...Okay ladies, who wants to fly me to L.A.?

Don't all volunteer at once

lutefisk said...

When I was in high school I dated someone who had a brother named Kip.
I asked where the Kip came from--turns out his name was Christopher, but they couldn't call him Christopher because they were Jewish, so it became Kip. No one could explain to me why they actuallly named him Christopher then. he is in his 40's, & still goes by Kip. Go figure.

Beth said...

I grew up knowing a Muffy, Buffy, Mitzi and Buck. I didn't realize that people thought they were odd names until I was older, though I have to say I always thought Muffy was an odd name for this particular girl (total tomboy).

Yeah, that was definitely Robyn Lively pictured with Blake. Btw, does anyone else think Blake had her nose subtly tweaked. It's looking a little thinner.

I would not be at all surprised if Gordon Ramsay was drunk. I've heard stories from publicists about having to attempt to reign him in after all night drinking sessions with chef friends in various cities. Of course, London is home, so who knows?

GoGoLola said...

I wish I was Jane Seymour's daughter.

Unknown said...

Why does Blake Lively dress like Stevie Nicks?

Little Blue Pill said...

Shakey said So is Ent revealing the blind about the man who likes male modelling by the pool? And the Jimmy Fallon comment is pointing us in the right direction?

Huh? What the hell does Ent's comment on Jimmy Fallon "Whenever Jimmy Fallon wears a tux, I always expect him to be holding up a card like a limo driver." have to do with a blind about the man who likes male modeling by the pool and how the fuck is it supposed to be a clue???

shakey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
shakey said...

The first sentence is for one blind. The second sentence is for the limo blind, in that Megan and Shia or BBT are that couple.

Alice D Millionaire said...

I know a buffy and a muffin but not a muffy.

Michelle Monaghan is pregnant so I am not going to judge the dress but the shoes are inexcusable.

Rosario looks awful. The makeup looks too light for her skin and the dress looks like it came from the sale rack of JC offense to that store. Her hair looks kind of nice and she had good legs.

RWP looks beat...beautiful but you can tell the weight of the world is bearing down. It makes me sad that she stays with she does not realize her self worth.

mooshki said...

"Jeez ladies lather, rinse, repeat isn't that difficult."

LMAO!!! I KNOW, RIGHT? We're talking to YOU, Jessica Biel!!!

"The only difference is we don't use nicknames. We're too poor."

LOL, class warfare arrives to CDAN! I second Marisa - let's get some Socialism goin' on in here!

Ha, my dad was from Alabama almost poor white trash, so I have "Mary Kate" and "Mary Alice" relatives, and best of all, "Sugar Pie," not Buffy and Miffy. :)

"I would not be at all surprised if Gordon Ramsay was drunk. I've heard stories from publicists about having to attempt to reign him in after all night drinking sessions with chef friends in various cities."

And now I love him even more! :)

dreadpiratecuervo said...

I used to have a Brooke Shields doll. Wow, I'm old.

West End Girl said...

I can't believe no one had any love for Ethan here :(

Jungle007 said...

Shakey-- Are Megan and Shia starring in an upcoming Blockbuster as bro and sis? I'm asking sriously, I'm not really into t.v so i don't see all the movie ads... If they are, then it's them 4 sure!

Enty, not cool what u said re: matthew broderick and son! :(
Not Cool!!

Ethan Embry's adorable. Kinda looks beat-up here.

Dakota's still got about 2 years til she becomes an alcoholic cokehead, Ent. Give her a break.



ElsieFire said...

Okay, seriously. Jude Law=Phil Collins, no? Anyone? Bueller?

lutefisk said...

ElsieFire-- I swear I thought the same--Jude=Phil!!!

Unknown said...

I love Ethan Embry, he is adorable!


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