Thursday, September 18, 2008

And You Are?

When you think of stars who can clear a red carpet area of press and make sure no photos taken of their arrival, I doubt the first person on your lips is going to be Ashlee Simpson. Tell me again what she has done. She has had a couple moderate successes and one huge flop of an album. She is married to a guy in a very good band but not a great band and is pregnant.

So how is it that Ashlee Simpson basically had every other celebrity at the New Dreams event cleared off the red carpet prior to her arrival and they had to stay off the red carpet until after she was inside? In addition, all photographers were ordered out of the arrivals area also. Ashlee would only attend the event if the limo could drop her off at the door, and not have to encounter anyone.

Umm, you suck Ashlee. You are not a very good signer. You are an average singer. Your reality show sucked. You don't seem to have any future career prospects and yet, you are acting like this. Even Mariah Carey wouldn't do this. Yes, she is a press whore so that might not be the best example, but when you go to an event, especially a charity event that uses its funds to fight against the sex trafficking industry, they would like people to know you support it by getting your photo taken as you arrive. It is the point of a red carpet. By you shunning the media, you are basically saying that you don't want anyone to know that you support the group that is fighting against sex trafficking. Why would you do that?

Is no one allowed to take any photos of you at events until the baby is born? Did Pimpa set something up where only the pictures he takes and sells get used? Was Pimpa not available the other night? Ashlee, you just aren't that special, and even if you were the diva of divas, and entitled to that status, why would you refuse to help in this cause? Makes no sense to me and makes you look like a spoiled brat, which of course you are.


amh.producer said...

aww, I like Ashlee (I know, I am ducking from the shit that will surely be thrown my way). When I was first reading this I thought it might be because she's pregnant and not looking her best.

I get what Enty is saying about showing that she went for support of the cause, but attending the event IS helping the cause, right?

Unknown said...

i agree, ahm.producer...maybe even because she is so far along, she didnt want to risk being knocked over or going into labor in a small crowd...i dont care for her, but she is pregnant, celebrity or not

Unknown said...
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West End Girl said...

But then why walk the carpet at all? If you were just concerned about the event, wouldn't you ask to go through the side, thus avoiding all the press?

Pregnant or not, she's made herself look like a wanker.

mooshki said...

Yes, if she didn't want to be photographed, she shouldn't have gone. She could've written a freaking check.

West End Girl said...

Indeed, Mooshki, indeed.

Cheryl said...

I'm tired of the young talentless celebrities who expect to be treated like Elizabeth Taylor or something.

califblondy said...

ITA, she should have stayed home. It's a public event. The paps and other celebs should have just told her to suck it and carry on with their business.

How crazy is hubby's head in the picture?

lutefisk said...

Other people have gone out pregnant & lived to survive. As my doctor said to me when I was pregnant & wanted to get out of jury duty--
pregnancy is not a disability.
If she didn't want to be in a crowd she should stay home.
She was probably more afraid that someone would bump into her nose job, rather than her large-headed baby.

PunkiMeowMeow said...

I agree with Ent. Ashlee should stay at home and concern herself with having a healthy baby. No one is going to miss her or her sister if they dropped off the face of the earth.

Adam said...

is that pete wentz? If it is, why all of a sudden does he totally look like a friggen real-life D&D dwarf? he looks kinda malformed (short torso, stumpy arms), has a weird facial expression, and looks kinda like beethoven with that collar.

and Ashlee... she is doing a friggin promo for Zellers right now and if you ask me she's only hurting the brand. She doesn't look good at all, and I'm not just talking physical attractiveness.


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