Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Josh Didn't Do It

Contrary to reports you may have seen elsewhere, Josh Hartnett did not hook up with Mischa Barton while in London. Yes, Josh did find someone he was attracted to, and yes, she was blonde, but no, it was not Mischa Barton. I'm sure Mischa Barton wishes she had been able to get Josh Hartnett because she could use the publicity.

The Daily Mail reported that Josh and Mischa had left a club in London called Bungalow 8. I won't even asked what happened to the other Bungalows. They also said the couple went to his hotel, where Mischa stayed for about an hour before returning to her own hotel.

Since Josh has been in town, the papers there have had him having sex in a hotel library with a strange woman, sex with Daisy Lowe, and has taken someone new back to his room almost every night.

With all the sex and partying this guy is doing, it is no wonder the start date of the play was pushed back a few weeks to September 19th. Hell, push it back another week and they would probably have him having sex with the Queen. Too much? How about a Duchess? Kate Middleton?


mooshki said...

PHEW! I saw the pics, and it didn't look like they were together. I know he's a man-whore, but I couldn't stand it if he sunk THAT low. On the other hand, I think it would be AWESOME if he got it on with the Queen. Although from what I can tell, Prince Philip keeps her well satisfied.

mooshki said...

p.s. One of my favorite Owen Wilson stories - he was at a restaurant and Mischa was trying to get his attention by throwing napkins at him. He turned around and said "Do you mind? This is a business meeting." Ha, even the biggest man-whores don't want you, Misch!

littleoleme said...

What does she do for money? I mean her OC cash must be gone by now.

mooshki said...

"What does she do for money?"

I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY don't want to know.

Anonymous said...

I saw the pics, and, well while they werent walking together, they WERE walking close enough together that it appeared something was up. Mischa may be desperate but would she be that desperate that she'd walk twenty feet behind Josh Hartnett just to get photographed? Please. She gets photographed all the time just for wearing stupid outfits. You know he hit that, and tried to make it look like he didnt, because let's be honest, she's like that old adage about riding a moped.

Julie said...

i loved Mischas outfit.
even though it was somewhat...broken.

i think i'll make a better version.

mooshki said...

"Mischa may be desperate but would she be that desperate that she'd walk twenty feet behind Josh Hartnett just to get photographed?"

LOL, Hell yeah, she'd be that desperate. :)

Anonymous said...

I just don't think she has to be. Like I said, she gets photographed just for wearing stupid outfits.

Little Blue Pill said...

And now Josh got papped for being near a stupid outfit!

bionic bunny! said...

his play got pused back a few weeks.

has anybody else noticed that the whole U.S. tv schedule has gotten pushed back another week?
survivor, which usually starts a week after the rest of the TV season, was supposed start THIS thursday. now it's been been pushed back to NEXT thursday.

as far as i know, the only show starting it's new season this week is HOUSE.
yes, i need to go to face book. i'm sorry.


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